We will snap you: Belfast man’s photo in Brian May’s new photography book

A Brian May super-fan has told of his delight after a photo he submitted was selected for the Queen guitarist’s new book.

tereoscopy Is Good For You consists of a selection of photos from across the world, depicting life in 3D during the pandemic.

Belfast man Geoff Bailie has always been a fan of May, so offering an image for the book was a no-brainer.

Mr Bailie said: “He was putting together a book of what people did during lockdown or after the lockdown and he was asking people to submit photos of what they had done.

“So I submitted two or three photos and one of them got selected.”

Mr Bailie’s photo shows his son riding on his bike in Ormeau Park.

“My son wanted to go the BMX track and I didn’t really have anything else to do other than to just bring my camera with me and take some photos. He’s quite chuffed that his photo appears in the book,” he added.


Stereoscopy Is Good For You Stereoscopy Is Good For You

Stereoscopy Is Good For You

Stereoscopy Is Good For You

Mr Bailie was then invited to the launch of the book in London, where he got to meet his idol.

“It was amazing because I’ve followed him since I was 10 years old but he was a really nice guy,” he said.

“Brian knew what photo was mine and knew my Instagram handle, so he seemed to really know a lot about the people who were there. I was a bit lost for words.

“It was great getting to meet with other photographers from around the world and receiving tips from them.”

Photography has been a hobby for Mr Bailie for the last six years, and thanks advancements in mobile phones for the rise in people getting involved.


Geoff Bailie's contribution to Brian May's book Geoff Bailie's contribution to Brian May's book

Geoff Bailie’s contribution to Brian May’s book

Geoff Bailie’s contribution to Brian May’s book

“Phones have such good quality cameras on them now, you can take very good pictures on your phone with relatively little knowledge.

“You don’t need to have a big camera with you all the time,” he said.

Stereoscopyis a technique used to enable a three-dimensional effect, adding an illusion of depth to a flat image.

It uses two almost identical images placed side by side, and when they are viewed through a device, the image is perceived by the brain as one 3D image.

It’s the same concept that is used in 3D movies and in many virtual reality headsets.

May became enthusiastic about 3D photography during the pandemic, and has created a new community of stereoscopists, who are sharing their pictures on Instagram.

Mr Bailie’s photo and the other images used in the book are part of an exhibition that is running until March 25, 2023, at Proud Galleries in Charing Cross, London, with tickets available from proudgalleries.com.

Stereoscopy Is Good For You is £30 and can be purchased at shop, londonstereo.com and includes a Steampunk OWL 3D print viewer to allow readers to experience the 3D effect of the photos inside

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