TikTok star Grace Keeling: Belfast spot is my favourite place bar none

GK Barry on her ‘amazing’ visit to Belfast pub and her love for Derry Girls actress Jamie-Lee O’Donnell

Grace Keeling, better known online as GK Barry who has 3.5m followers, came to Belfast as part of her Saving Grace podcast tour in February.

“I just loved the atmosphere — it was mental from start to finish,” she said.

The first person Grace met once she arrived here was one of Belfast’s iconic black taxi drivers — and she was impressed by his wit.

“I thought, ‘I don’t know where I’ve just stopped off here but I’m enjoying it’,” she said.

While in Belfast Grace visited the Dirty Onion, where she recalled having an “amazing” night. “That was my favourite place — nothing will ever top it,” she said.

“I think it was possibly one of the best nights out I’ve ever had in my life. That place — bury me there! It was incredible, everyone was lovely, it was just such a good atmosphere, I loved it.”

The Dirty Onion proved a big hit with TikTok star Grace Keeling

Grace bumped into a few fans while enjoying her night out in Belfast. “I felt like Madonna, I walked in and everyone turned — everyone kept saying ‘What are you doing here?’,” she said.

Grace also spoke of Northern Ireland’s drinking culture.

“Your doubles are like our quadruples — I couldn’t believe it. The barman was pouring my drink and I say, ‘Oh, do you fancy me?’ and he was like, ‘No — this is what I give everyone’,” she joked.

Not only did Grace enjoy the night out in Northern Ireland, she also likes our accent.

“I love your accent, it’s like in my top three accents. I love the Australian accent, the Northern Irish accent — actually I enjoy any accent that isn’t my own,” she said.

Grace admitted she used her Belfast show as an opportunity to meet one of her favourite NI actresses. “The show in Belfast was amazing, the crowd was incredible but I love Jamie-Lee O’Donnell and I’m obsessed with Derry Girls. I loved it, so when I met her in person I couldn’t even hide the fact I was obsessed with her.

“The first thing I said was, ‘I love you’ and she was like ‘I’ve literally only just met you but God bless’,” she revealed.

Grace Keeling with Jamie-Lee O’Donnell

Grace said Jamie-Lee’s character of Michelle was her favourite character, but she also had a soft spot for James, played by Dylan Llewellyn.

“He cracked me up because I related, I related to him, and the nun — I loved the nun,” she said.

“The whole show was incredible, they need to bring it back.”

Grace enjoyed her time in Belfast so much that she plans to perform here again this year.

Aside from visiting Northern Ireland again, Grace is also planning to bring her podcast further afield. “I want to push my podcast overseas. I want to go to America and Australia. I want to interview more people that aren’t British,” she added.

You can follow Grace via @gkbarry (TikTok), @gkbarry_ & @savinggracepod (Instagram)

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