Saving face… NI teens ‘risking blindness and tissue death’ by getting cosmetic jabs – and it’s legal

Fresh calls have been made for a NI ban on under-18s accessing injectable cosmetic procedures.

Beauty treatment injections have become popular with teenagers

Gillian Halliday

Sat 3 Feb 2024 at 09:00

Aged only 15, Co Armagh teenager Amelia (not her real name) enjoys all the things that girls typically do at her age: music, fashion and makeup. But for some of her mates in her friendship group, however, they’ve already had cosmetic procedures like lip fillers.

Yet, while many Northern Irish parents would find it shocking that a teenager would want to undergo such a procedure, what perhaps is even more perturbing is the fact that it’s not illegal for under-18s to access injectable cosmetic procedures here.

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