Paula McIntyre’s cosy, warming lentil and chorizo soup and barmbrack French toast

Lentil and chorizo soup with onion and cheese soda bread

Paula McIntyre

Yesterday at 08:00

It’s officially soup weather – nothing soothes the soul and warms the body like a hot bowl of this transforming elixir. Because I may have overindulged a little over the festive period my consumption of lentils has increased. Red lentils are what we’re most aware of here as they’re an integral part of the traditional dried soup mix we add to broth, along with split peas and barley.

In Indian cooking they’re paired with ginger, garlic and spices to make dahl, that creamy and tasty accompaniment for bread or as a side dish. It’s a great example of lentils being a great soaker upper of flavours. These small terracotta coloured legumes are still relatively cheap and make a nourishing yet delicious soup.

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