Alternative Christmas dinners: Is it finally time to ditch the traditional turkey?

Shake up your festive season with a roast duck or rib of beef

A bone-in rib roast is a way to really impress this Christmas

John Mulgrew

Today at 13:39

I’m trying to avoid spending too much of my time bad mouthing the seasonal poultry stalwart. But it’s a reasonable understatement to say that turkey is often an inherently underwhelming bird when it’s presented to the table on Christmas Day.

Yes, I hear many of you in the back murmuring ‘But I love my turkey’. Do you really? We tend to eat it once a year, spend a good chunk of change on it, enjoy it on the day itself and then have to deal with copious leftovers for the week or so to come while bemoaning its inherent lack of moistness or robust flavour.

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